Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the principle that protects people’s rights to communicate online openly and freely, Net neutrality = open internet for everyone, it means free speech and no censorship by ISPs. cable and Phone companies could easily monopolise the system by making specific networks faster and slower thereby forcing people to change to their services.

It all started on 2010 when the FCC designed a treaty that ensured that the internet would remain a level playing field for all. This rule and the people that stood up for it got a bit shaken by a recent (may 2014) release of a hidden plan that would have allowed some cable and ISPs in america to discriminate and pay-to-play fast lanes. It all however got refused by people that fought back hard and on Feb 2015, Tom Wheeler (FCC Chairman) announced a new Net Neutrality treaty based on the communications act that would give users the best protection up to date. This proposal got approved on the 26th of Feb 2015.


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