Addressing Needs

After deciding on which target audience to explore we then had to look at the problems and needs we’d be facing, things like having a website that would work under different screen sizes as well as different browsers was a challenge but then we later found out that all of this could be achieved using the bootstrap CSS classes that work like columns that adjust to the browsers size as well as the screen size:


Click on this image for full ‘Scaffolding’ documentation.

Everything readjusts and falls into the right place no matter how big or small the browser/device is. This includes everything, from the body elements to the navigation elements, everything:

scaffolding-preview-max-width scaffolding-preview-min-width scaffolding-preview-min-width-with-nav

Thank the heavens for bootstrap and the people that made it!. With this issues out of the way we then moved on to other things.

We were aiming our product at students also so the styling of the website had to be fresh and modern, luckily bootstrap has some nice buttons, search bars, drop-down menus and colour palettes (colours on premade nav-bars) so to an extent that was covered too.


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