Target Audience and Similar Applications

The target audience for our web app will be students and more specifically graduates or any person starting out in the field of Digital Media Design. As a group we thought about which applications are used the most for project sharing as well as image sharing and we determined that we’d follow a few of their design principles and some traits of their aesthetics, we looked at different front-end development frameworks and decided that we’d use Bootstrap as it was the most documented and popular which meant wider access to tutorials and learning resources online :


We however also looked at Kickstart, It’s libraries are smaller than bootstrap’s and page loading times are faster due to the absence of any Jquery. It’s also open source and Resposive:


After deciding on which Front-end framework to use we then had to look for inspiration by looking at similar sites and deciding what makes people click when they browse them, so we did that we looked at Behance and Pinterest and determined that it was a combination of things, amongst these were the choice to choose what to look at by selecting specific categories and boxes, they also had the big canvas of images live-feeding into the site every thirty seconds and a bunch of fancy animation hover effects as well as fade away effects. Branding also played a big role and so did the colours and the icons.


Behance is very complex and in-depth with a lot of detail and fulfils their criteria for their target audience.


Pinterest is very intuitive and simple and works much like a post it note on a fridge door. Serves as a reminder whilst also managing to fulfil a second purpose as inspiration for those people that are involved in crafts such as graphic design and interior design.


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