Identifying and Conceptualising social needs

After much thinking and research our group finally came up with some possible concepts for our much needed app, we discussed things like equality on social apps and hierarchy as well as different audiences and what made these people like the sites they browsed everyday.

We agreed that we needed something, not necessarily new or breathtaking but rather something that could really help a specific group of people achieve a specific goal, that’s when we came up with the Idea of Baffled. It’s not only meant to be a site where everyone can share their projects but rather a site where students and only students can upload and share with the world their most precious projects. This gives graduates and mature students a fair chance to compete with other like-minded peers of a similar skill level for a chance to get a much needed job and a kickstart for their careers. Employers would pay us (Baffled) for advertisements and students wouldn’t ever have to spend a penny on monthly subscriptions or annoying startup costs.

Sites like behance are already very popular as they execute this concept very well and they tick most of the boxes, however there is just too much competition and all the expert’s work gets all the spotlight which means that new people entering the field or graphic design graudates etc never get noticed because they’re either new or not as good which then in turn means that they will very unlikely get the job over the expert/veteran/senior.

With all this in mind there were still other things that needed to be discussed, things like how the site would look like and what features it would have as well as how long this would all take to make. All these things were important, next week our group is meeting up again to decide for sure which target audience we’ll follow and why.


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