First Meeting

Team GASC emerges from the depths of BU!. (Giancarlo, Abraham, Stephanie and connor)

A few days ago we had our first meeting where we discussed key areas of the project, the whole process went smoothly and the group agreed on an Idea.

We went over things like setting up our GitHub repositories which I created, we decided on an Idea, we came up with a group name which I called baffled! and we planned the layout of our site.

The Idea I came up with was a more dimmed down version of Behance that only targets a specific demographic: STUDENTS!. A lot of people graduate and have a hard time trying to find jobs and employers be it full timers or freelancers everyone at some point wants to show the world how good they are and why they should get hired over their peer. That’s when Baffled! came in, the idea consists of a live-update/live-feed canvas or homepage that shows the most rated work, the editors choice of the week as well as the work that’s recently trending. Students will be able to submit their latest work and future employers as well as teachers and other users can view, comment and click on Baffled! (our version of ‘like’) to further promote the work and inspire the author to create more. Baffled! is about discovering new work, new hidden gems and promoting it through social networks or the site itself, it is a canvas for exploration. The aim of this project is to give newcomers a better chance at finding a job, pros will always get hired but new graduates will always have a hard time.

Today I also made a quick mock-up version of our about page so as to get an idea of layout and object placement:

about us

Overall it was a great meeting and we discussed a lot of things I am looking forward to finalising the project.


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