Centralised Databases and Social Tools

To further understand what Centralised databases are and how they are used in social networks as well as what they do I went on the web to so some research and this is what I found:

I found out that centralised databases are basically big libraries of information located at one static location that can be accessed from numerous points or areas, this works very much oppositely to distributed database frameworks where all the information is spread out to multiple platforms or websites.

These databases can be set up with multiple programming languages however some languages are preferred over others as they are better suited to work with queries. Database query languages work by looking and giving factual answers to factual questions whereas information retrieval query languages look for information relevant to a specific inquiry. Some examples of query languages are :

  • Contextual Query Language (CQL) – Information Retrieval Language
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) – Data Manipulation Language
  • Datalog – Deductive Databases
  • Data Mining Extensions (DMX) – Data Mining

Pros and Cons of Centralised Databases:

  • Access to all information from a single point.
  • Centralised Database search results are a lot faster (Search engine only needs to look at one location for answers).
  • Extra servers can be added at any time and easily to handle more information.
  • A lot easier to protect from cyber threats such as sabotages and data theft.


  • Limited amount of people can use it at one point.
  • Loss of data if not backed-up correctly and frequently.
  • Distributed Databases work even if a specific database is down, on the other hand centralised databases wont work at all if the (only) database is down.

Centralised databases are great for social sites as they can store peoples identities, pictures and other info into one main index that can then be accessed by every user through a search bar. This bring us to our website, today I discussed with my group my Idea of a picture library that resembles that of a site named Behance, people will be able to upload their work and share it with the world for other people to see things like: illustrations, photos, artwork, etc using a PHP form that will in turn be linked to a mySQL database. The form will have details such as whos the owner of the picture, when it was uploaded, it’s size and its location. Therefore when people want to see said image they just need to find it on the search bar, type it’s name, this will then in turn trigger the form and return the image with all the details such as it’s author, it’s size and it’s location. The possibilities are endless, more fields such as ‘which software was used to create this’ could be added to the form among other things.


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