Organizing My Blog

In order to make my blog more proffesional looking I had to change and add a few things:

  • Resize all the images to their max size
  • Add a categories widget
  • Add a calendar widget – this would track all my posts according to date
  • Add tags to my posts as well as categories

new blog widgets

I added a new widget to the Blog that includes a calendar as well as a category dropdown menu.

calendar widget

The calendar can be used to look for posts that were submitted on specific dates.

category widget

After I spent a long time categorising and tagging posts I added a category widget that allows users to look for specific subject-specific posts.

I also created a template on photoshop with a default size of 735px. Other things too keep in mind would be:

  • Remember to list things in bullet points
  • Keep images to a set size
  • Make sure to tag all your posts
  • Embed all videos on my blog using the embed or iFrame code
  • Write all posts on html

This system will ensure I get a more professional and effective blog that’s easy to navigate and read.


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