Brainstorming and Initial Ideas

Here is a brainstorm of some of our initial ideas:

Brainstorm for Web App

Our group got together and we started discussing what could possibly be made and what couldn’t, we went through recipe sites that needed a database full of recipes that would then be classified by origin, season and time of the day. This however turned out to be too complicated to code so we decided on a simpler idea: the photo gallery, we did some research and started writing down what was needed to make the site. We agreed that we needed a login form in PHP preferably, another form for the upload procedure, we needed to style the site so that it would work on all devices for this we came across this library in css called bootstrap that belongs to TWITTER, this seemed to have solved the issue of ‘Responsive Design’, the rest of the meeting was pretty much about finding ways to work out how to make a search bar that was both accurate and fast.

Other topics that still needed to be discussed:

  • Who would do the branding and CSS.
  • Who would have to do the market research/Demographic Research.
  • Who had to make the wiki.
  • Who would make the repository etc.

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