Where it all starts…

For the first part of my poster I focused on using the graph-making tool in illustrator in order to accurately show data in a more visual yet interesting way. Here’s a few screenshots of what I did:


Here’s the same graph but I managed to delete the extra information and kept the bars with the addition of some bevels:

Graph information

I then had to decide on a font (sans serif preferably) to use so I went on the web in order to find a free to use commercial font and this is what I found:

Font comparison

I decided on using Myriad Pro and went ahead to get my data sorted, after some long thinking I decided I would focus on the European Union countries and so I went on the CIA world factbook to find some figures about life expectancy and these countries. After doing this I decided I would use the countries flags instead of their names to identify them on my poster. This process took me a while as I had to make 28 different flags individually at a specific length and width. Nevetheless I managed to finish this task and this is what the poster ended up looking like:

Who lives the longest 1st poster (Draft)

This marked the end of my poster making task however I found myself quite dissatisfied and not happy with the overall look and feel of my poster so I went ahead and decided I would have a go at making a better one.


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