Poster Research – Development and Realisation

IMG_0630 (1)

After deciding on the subject I’d be speaking about in my poster I went ahead and did some research on life expectancy at birth. I focused on European countries as I thought that doing all of the countries in the globe would be far too much information to fit in a poster visually. I used ‘The World Factbook’ as the source of my research, there I found statistics in the form of averages about life expectancy at birth around the globe the page also showed when these statistics were sourced. As the statistics are very gradient like (going from a high value to a small one in short steps), I believe I could use a graphic that would assimilate to a volume slider, it would incorporate all or most of theses statistics from a late adult person to a very old one. Later on I will probably dim down this list even more however that is still something I am deciding on.


Reference Poster


. 2014. . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 December 2014].


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