A2 Infographic Poster Task – Development and Realisation


On yesterday’s lesson we were presented with a new task that introduced us to vector art creation tools such as Illustrator and Inkscape. We require these software in order to be able to create the vector art for our final pieces. We were also told to make a web blog such as wordpress.org.

The task consists of explaining our understanding of our production work assignment, the Communication Design A2 Poster. We had discuss our initial thoughts and what theme we would be focusing on. Also we were told to do some research on images of communication design that tackle our chosen theme.



EDIT – 18 / 11 / 2014

Today’s lesson was all about researching different types of styles in which information was presented to the public through the use of vector art and minimalistic design. I decided to use the “Who lives the longest?” theme to display information on my poster as an infographic.  All the inspiration posters were sourced from here: http://www.informationisbeautifulawards.com/showcase.


Searching for Peace in Old Age

Searching for Peace in Old Age


World Web Browser Market Share



The Weight of the World

The Weight Of The World


After analysing the various different types of posters and how their design was used to clearly show data in a minimalistic and clean way, I’ve come to realise how difficult and time-consuming it must have been to create them, all the research all the brainstorming and moodboarding and all the detail. I can now appreciate all the work it must have taken to make these beautiful pieces of art. I have a rough idea on how to write the facts and figures however I am still hesitant about how to display them from a design-layout point of view.

Here is my source of statistics and facts – ‘The World Factbook‘ and here is more specifically the facts and figures on ‘Life Expectancy At Birth‘.

I shall use these statistics to build my Information Poster, however due to the magnitude of facts I shall only use the most relative ones.


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