Task 1 – Photos


We were given a task in which we had to go and explore different sights in search of naturally occurring alphabet letters. This task was to be done in groups as to promote team work and so the work was divided in half and each person was responsible for finding 13 letters of the alphabet.

We were also told to try to stick to a visual theme and so we had to consider re shooting in order to aim for thematic consistency and to make a poster of the gathered images using Adobe Photoshop.

* All of the images are to be taken in portrait mode.

The brief also stated to look at different sources of inspiration:


The site allows its user to input words into a search bar that compiles and shows a grid of pictures forming the specified word. I went ahead and typed the word ‘Alphabet’ and this came up:Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 16.01.45

The site proved to be incredibly useful as I could then see the various possibilities when later on making my own naturally occurring alphabet.

Here’s some more inspiration:


This collage was done using photos of rooftops and ledges, the artist then went over to Photoshop and arranged all the pictures to look like letters.



Poster Concept 1

The first poster I created contained all the letters of the alphabet. Me and my partner managed to take all the pictures we needed even though it felt like it took forever. As we put all the images together we came to realise that we had strayed away from the main theme which was the beach and decided to go instead for something like nature. The letters ‘E’ and ‘F’ where tricky to come across and so we decided to take a picture of the ‘E’ shaped branch to make an ‘F’ as you can see in the final alphabet poster it works as it shows a different perspective of the letter ‘E’. It kinda goes to show how much something can change when you look at it from another perspective.

Here’s the final product!:


On this final piece I decided to divide the extra white space up by adding a green block of colour with the words ‘Naturally Occuring’ I also tried different layouts and colours but this colour was the one that stood out the most for me. As for the word ‘Alphabet’ I found a commercially free to use font online and I went over to Adobe illustrator and made some leaves and expanded the fonts so that I could manipulate each individual letter and merge both the leaves with the letters in order to create a more nature-focused look.


Having done all this work made me realise that sometimes it’s necessary to look at things in a different perspective, with that said, I feel like I learned a lot. Starting from how sometimes it’s important to look at the little things that make up the big picture. Now I seem to find myself walking and wondering whether a certain shape could make up a specific letter. Overall it was a great experience and I hope we do more tasks like so.

Bibliography –

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