Introduction To Programming

The next few years of Digital Media Design will be about learning about the different platforms we can use to make digital content. Programming being one of these mediums can also be used to make abstract pieces of digital media content here’s an example:


The image above was created with this code in an application called ‘Processing’:

Circle Code

Programming is feared by many, it is seen as a practice that involves a lot of maths and equations for that matter. However I’ve experienced it and can with all honesty say that this isn’t the case. Programming is all about being able to produce an equation that can ultimately when put together along with other equations provide the answer to a problem. For example ‘int x = 100 – 10; // Sets ‘x’ to 90′. This short function tells the computer to set a variable to a specific number through the use of maths (subtracting). This gives the programmer a lot of freedom as variables can have any value and can be stored within the code indefinitely.

Programming slang:

IDE : (Integrated Development Environment) – The canvas where all the code (variables) is being written into.

Variable : Something that holds a value and can be used as a reference.

Parentheses : Brackets

Functions & Methods : Functions are a set of instructions whilst methods are the same with the addition of them being part of a class.

Class : classes like variables can also store data however they work more like blueprints.

Instant : When a thing is created.

Loop : A set of repeated instructions.

Compiler : compiler changes the code to source or binary in order for the computer to understand.

Conditional statement : True or False

OOP : Object Oriented Programming

Can’t wait for what’s next!


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