My First Post

Today marks the start of DMD it was a great experience I found out what our different units are about and I have a general idea of who our teachers are, we were welcomed with many faces and many tasks. However the introduction went smoothly and I have an overall view of what’s going to happen during the next few weeks.

This blog will be dedicated to Digital Media Design (DMD). On it I will input all my progress both the assigned tasks as well as my personal projects. I aspire to become proficient at blogging and tracking my progress.

Today we we’re also given tasks that hopefully will help break the ice and will encourage us to get to know one another.

The task:

To produce a photo-narrative featuring your seminar group in a range of locations.

When representing the places in and around Bournemouth, you are required to capture photographs of the whole seminar group in front of, or in, at least five different locations from the list bellow. Each location has a score representing the level of challenge it presents logistically.

In front of Talbot House Student Centre                                                                                    1
In front of the main entrance to Poole House                                                                           1
In front of Railway Station (Asda side)                                                                                         2
In front of the large Balloon in Lower Gardens                                                                          2
At the surf reef with view of the Bournemouth Pier                                                                 2
In front of the Durley Inn pub at Durley Chine                                                                          4
Outside the Branksome Beach restaurant at Branksome Chine                                            5
Outside the Lighthouse Arts Centre in Poole                                                                             8
In front of the Regent Centre in Christchurch                                                                            9
In front of Christchurch Priory                                                                                                      9
In front of the ticket office where foot passengers and cyclists buy tickets for                   9
the Sandbanks toll ferry                                                                                                               10

The photos are to be presented in a collage like manner using photoshop to organize and edit them.

I have great optimism for the upcoming year and hope to fulfil all my goals!.


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